May 29, 2020



03082020-2139. The Family Farm Investment Master Plan (FIMPP) in Asset Base Sustainable Organic Agriculture Development, RA 10068, Organic 3.0/4.0 and UN SDGs 2030

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The foundational principles and best practices of leadership and governance in Asset Base Sustainable Organic Agriculture is an unfolding human development processes in societal threefold’s platform on sustainable organic food system, healthy lifestyles and consumptions.

To capture the in-depth human archetypal transformations, an Inner Conditioning (IC) of societal key actors would be essentially the beginning to generate the pioneering leadership and governance mindset beyond the Business As Usual. This is the very essence on the existence of LOAM-Phils (League of Organic Agriculture Municipalities in the Philippines)) on 2012 which experienced an organisational changes to LOAMC-Phils (League of Organic Agriculture Municipalities and Cities in the Philippines) on 2016 June and LOAMCP-PH (League of Organic Agriculture Municipalities, Cities and Provinces of the Philippines) on 2019 June.

The FIMP process-based formulation is the on the ground learning processes to prepare the LOAMCP-PH member Local Government Units (LGUs) on a more participatory and transparent societal threefolding leadership and governance, continous innovations, inclusive growth and full cost accounting among others. The Societal Threefolding within a given ecosystem can co-create the Asset Base Sustainable Organic Agriculture Municipal/City-wide Investment Master Plans (MCIMPs) with institutional vision and mission on freedom from Poverty, Hunger and Sickness in alignment to the implementation of RA 10068 (Organic Agriculture Act of 2010), Organic 3.0/Organic 4.0 and UN SDGs 2030 specifically on SDG 1 and SDG 2.